Is It Cold Extraction, Cold Mashing, or Non-Enzymatic Mashing (NEM)?

In a recent post, I made a 1.4% ABV Sasion. I used a technique that I was calling cold mashing. There was a small amount of feedback on reddit as to what the method should be called.

For the record, it doesn’t matter to me what this method is called as long as the term is descriptive and generally understood. That is, after all, what language is for, right? Cold extraction seems to be a good option because it sums up the main point of the method.

The main point being to extract color, flavor, and aroma. As well as, extracting a small percentage of fermentables. All this is done at refrigeration temps.

There are three titles that have been used by different people for this method. They are listed as the title for this post.

I have used the three terms out there at various times. It will probably be slightly ambiguous what “cold extraction” is until enough people start adopting one term as the main descriptor. As for whether or not this method is useful enough to ever gain enough traction to become a “thing”, remains to be seem.

That’s it. While “cold extraction” is the term I use the most important thing is that we all understand what we are trying to say. It will be interesting to see which term takes.

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