About the Site

On this site, I provide you (dear reader) with rants, recipes, researched information, and opinions. All for the purpose of producing beer that is excellent in quality and captures the essence of a place or idea.  

I’ve got a site in Chinese here. It exists to promote this wonderful hobby and help home and pro-brewers in China. 

I hope this site inspires you to brew more! 


I started brewing in 2015 when I moved to China and realized I couldn’t get anything but light lagers. Since then, I’ve been brewing and experimenting at home non-stop. 

I’ve got a year and a half of experience working at a brewing startup in western China. I was the unofficial brewer, official tank scrubber, and all around problem solver.  

I’d love to help with recipe design, tap list, brew house design and problem solving, and yeast capturing and propagation. Starting a sour program? I’ve got a few ideas for that too.   

Interested in sustainable brewing ideas? Me too! 

For more information on brewing consultation services email me at: