What I Brewed This Year (2018) and What’s Up Next

  • Oatmeal Stout (19L)
  • ESB (19L)
  • Hoppy Wheat Comparison (Yeast Blend of Windsor/WB-06/T-56 and Nottingham) (38L)
  • Base Malt Comparison Pilsners (38L)
  • Calamity Grain (38L)
  • Lambic-inspired (57L)
  • Cream Ale (19L)
  • NEIPA (Satanic Haze) *worst beer I’ve ever made (19L)
  • Oatmeal Porter (19L)
  • Qing Dao Hua Pils (19L)
  • Session IPA (19L)
  • NEIPA Milkshake (19L)
  • Barleywine with Bai Jiu yeast (30L) (fail)
  • Oktoberfest (19L)
  • Irish Red (19)
  • Hefewiezen (66L)
  • NEIPA 3.0 (19L)
  • Coconut Porter (19L)
  • Southern Brown Ale (19L)
  • Mild (19L)
  • Summer Pilsner (19L)
  • Kettle Sour (19L)
  • Calamity Returns Imperial Stout (38L)
  • Grodziskie (19L)
  • Sourita Kettle Sour (19L)
  • Amber Ale (19L)
  • NEIPA 4.0 (19L)
  • Fresh Hop Amber Lager (19L)
  • Hop Harvest Saison (19L)
  • APA (19L)
  • Hefewiezen (19L)
  • Hefeweizen (19L)
  • Chainsaw Pete (19L)
  • Chainsaw Pete with Nottingham (38L)
  • Hoppy Wheat Lager (19L)
  • Calamity #3 (19L)
  • Jordin’s Oatmeal Stout (19L)
  • Kinda Common (Cal Common-ish) (19L)
  • NEIPA Janish-ish (19L)
  • Saison de Hua Jiao (19L)
  • Bock (19L)
  • Bock 2.0 (19L)
  • Tripel (19L)
  • Fuji Cider (20L)
  • Table Saison 1.5% ABV (19L)
  • Sierra Nevada-ish Pale Ale (19L)
  • Coconut Cream Porter (19L)

As you can see, my brewing had little focus on perfecting one style and was more about trying a wide variety. One of my favorite things about brewing is the limitless combinations of ingredients and the plethora of styles out there to try. That said, I’d like to spend more time in 2019 on refining more specific styles and methods.

Top Two on the List

What’s in Store for 2019

In the coming year, I most likely won’t be able to brew as much as this past year but I want to incorporate more focus. On the list of things, brewing with Kveik yeast. Second on the list, brewing through styles using cold mashing or cold extraction or non-ezymatic mashing to produce highly sessionable (very low abv) and delicious beer.

I will be brewing with Kveik yeast later in the year when I’m back in Colorado for 6 months working on my Masters. The main reason here is that I won’t have my usual gear and won’t have fermentation temp control to the same degree I have now.

Brewing low abv beer is really attractive to me because I want the ability to drink a few beers of an evening while keeping and even keel. I’ll definitely be shooting for high flavor and low alcohol.

Cheers to the New Year and another year of brewing great beer!

Feel free to comment and give recommendations for research and brewing ideas that you’d be interested in reading about.

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