Photos from Yeast Wrangling

I’m finally getting around to sending Bootleg Biology some of the yeast samples I’ve collected this past year or so. You’d think a guy could have gotten around to slapping some mixed cultures on a few slants months ago but… 

Countries of origin: China, Thailand, and the good ole U.S.

Here are some photos. I’ll elaborate on the brilliance of  “my” hodgepodge of methods in another post soon. 


Russian Olive in Karamay, China
Rose (of some kind) in Karamay, China
I found a bumble bee on these flowers, he donated some yeast.
Mango Steen-ish fruit in Phuket, Thailand
Hive in Xining, China
Gotcha. Xining, China
I did a capture beneath this hop bine in my back yard
Xining, China
Ulrich Park, Cedar Falls, IA
I gathered some leafy stuff from the trail down to this beach in Thailand
Ao Sane Beach, Phuket, Thailand
I rounded up a few bees from this haven in Cimarron, Colorado

That’s all for this one. I’m still refining and experimenting with different methods of collecting. I should have some batches done with wild stuff in the next month or two.

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